Team Blanchetti We got the greatest email from some of our Blue Gravity beach friends! They competed in, AND WON!, the Little-Big Adventure Triathlon. Amazing stuff! It went like this:
Hope you and the other exec’s at Blue Gravity don’t mind Lauren and I racing under Blue Gravity banner.
Huge crowd of National Media: Hey, nice race guys.
TeamChetti3: Thanks.
Hundreds of reporters: Did the rain and mud affect your race strategy?
TeamChetti3: We just want to thank all the good folks at Blue Gravity Surf Company in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a company started by beach kids for beach kids.
Attendees of giant live TV press conference: How was TeamChetti3 different from TeamChetti1 or TeamChetti2?
TeamChetti3: At Blue Gravity’s website, you can order cool shirts like these….(available in blue or white), you can play online games, blog and chat with other surf kids.
Sports journalists from all over the world: Overall, how does this race rank in terms of other races you’ve done?
TeamChetti3: We’d like to throw a shout out to our sponsor Blue Gravity Surf Company found online at
— If only all great athletes were this nice to their sponsors! Maybe TO and Bode could learn from these athletes. For more information on this unbelievably cool event, go to!