Today was great, what a sandbar

Hi there!

Today’s beach was totally awesome! The water was pretty shallow, and my family and I had a great time. Usually, we go during low tide because the waves are often great then. But today redefined low tide! There was a sandbar and the water was, like, a couple of inches deep!! The bad part was that it was hard to surf because the fins on the board kept sticking in the sand and slowing me down. But other than that it was great! I hope we have more days like this soon.

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Check out this cool poem!

Hi dudes! I was surfing the other day and I kept messing up and falling off, so I thought of this poem.

I went out in the sea of blue

In hopes to surf a wave or two.

I saw the one, and paddled in,

And what a great ride it could have been,

Had from the board my feet not slipped

And so into the foaming sea I tipped.


© Copyright 2008 by SurferJo

Keeping the Beach Clean

One day, my family and I were at the beach and we were DISGUSTED by all of the litter. We certainly don’t like it when the sand is covered with tin cans, popped balloons, candy wrappers, and lots of other debris. We wanted to do something about it. Not long after, we went to WalMart and purchased a few sheets of stick-on lettering and two metal signs, the kind you would use to announce a garage sale or to tell people not to tresspass, for about $10. We stuck the letters on the shiny backs of the signs to read, “Welcome! Help keep our beach clean. Please do not litter.” My dad then nailed the pieces on reverse sides of a piece of wood. Since then, we’ve seen less litter on the beach and are happy that we’ve done something to help the earth.

To the left are some photos I took of the sign. If any other beach kids like the idea, feel free to build a sign yourself. I would love it if other people are inspired by this story and take action to protect the beach. If you have any questions or comments please email us via the contact page on this website. Thank you for reading this story! Cool

© Copyright 2008 by SurferJo

I am now controlling your brain!

So there. Go get me a package of Oreos!

All Glory to the Hypnotoad.

Actually, how about everyone send me an Oreo each?

Wait, on second thought, everyone send a video of them or their kids riding their first waves. Boogie board, surfboard, skimboard, a raft, on their bellies…. We’ll make a show of great first rides!

Email us here at the site and we’ll send you a way to drop them in our folders.

G, J, J & S