It’s a simple world

It occurred to me today that when my kids are out of town I get to ride all their nice boards, instead of my old yellowed boards, without them knowing it. surfshopsign

When it’s all said and done…

… days like this are what we should be remembered for.

Irene’s pregame snack

Not a great video cutter, but hey, it was a good morning until the wind shifted:

The Laws of Surfing

After much research, I have deduced that all of surfing can be broken down into four basic laws:
  • The best waves are at the other break.
  • The first wave was better.
  • The second wave was better.
  • The big set always shows up when you’re paddling out and vanishes completely as soon as you get there.
I have no reason to suspect that these rules do not apply in all cases. -Surferjo sign

Greatest Surf Quote Ever

It’s April and our first day back in the water. OK, not really in the water, it’s still 52, but we were going to try to get up on at least one wave before we wimped out from the freezing temps. We pull the chariot up to the walkover. I’d loaded it, so the kids really hadn’t even handled their boards since last fall. My youngest, 11, grabs her fish and lets out this SQUEEEEAL of happiness… “Daddy! Look! My arms are FINALLY long enough to be able to grab my board!!!” Yeah, I laughed about that all week.